Became a helper and savior can be an everyone!
Helper is a social project aimed to form a national culture of first aid that will help to reduce mortality and extend people`s life in Ukraine.


There are many countries where such learning systems have been already implemented at a state level and all levels of schools, universities and special educational institutions.

So we want to cultivate the right and effective mutual assistance to our youth.


We want children to improve their safety by learning the basics of first aid. The main goal for Helper is to save many children's lives and learn their systemic help. In this case, there is an urgent need to create an effective learning system. More, the interactivity of certain subjects increases rapidly in our children's school curricula.


The Helper project seeks to change the situation by the implementation of the course about the first premedical care in the school curriculum "Protection and safety of life "(grades 5-9) and "Protection of the fatherland "(grades 10-11). These school subjects will be taught by already trained teachers of the ukrainian schools.


We are sure that a school is a source of knowledge and social education of the culture of help.
In the Helper project, first of all, we focus on children because from the early childhood and to the adolescence they are in a constant turn of events. More of all, the bigger part of their time children spend not at their home walls, but at some educational and extra-curricular institutions, at schools, in sports halls and on playgrounds, among the peers, etc. Childhood is a particularly responsible period in life, when the persons are formed and laid the basis of culture, physical and mental health.


Imagine that the millions of young people will be learned and trained, receiving a modern theoretical and practical bases with the help of educational medical equipment within a school curricula. To make it a reality, parents and teachers, which children spend most of their time with, should be interested in such changes. That's why within the framework of the project we are actively cooperating with schools. We are already received a numerous of appeals from school directors from different parts of the country. They all ask to teach their schoolchildren to behave properly in emergency situations and provide the first premedical help.

Professional master-classes have already passed more 300 children at some Kiev educational institutions. But to reach a larger scale we need to help.


The statistics, that we are watching, shows that an every year from some external damage die about 40 000 people and one third of them are children. About the 40% of this quantity could be saved in the case of timely and correct premedical aid.


The rate of ambulances arrival in Kiev city is 15 minutes. In the villages this figure is significantly increasing to 30-40 minutes after an accident. Irreversible changes occur in 5 minutes after the heart stop  in a human body. This means that you must act without crying any seconds. However, what exactly should be the right action algorithm and how not to harm, among the people who do not have a medical education, a few know only.


To learn the basic actions that can save life in the crucial moments can practically an every conscious person. However, it's important not only to know how to provide the premedical aid but, firstly, become prepared to provide it without passing by an injured.


Support the Helper project and become the part of this large and crucial initiative that saves the future of Ukraine and its people!

Helper as the social project is supported by a number of Ukrainian Ministries: the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine, the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Ukraine, the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine, the state structure Public Health Center, as well as such public organizations: Ukraine-UNESCO, the Maltese Help Service of Kiev City, the Red Cross of Ukraine and other.


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